Rendering that Pixel..

A lot of Photographer ar arguing on whether to touch that seemingly well behaving pixel or i should say not so behaved pixel which harbors unflattering colors that make a picture visually unappealing..

oh well for the purist is a Big NO and for the not so Pure.. errr.. those who loves to be different and a new age photgrapher that is.. a combination of technology and artistry..both cannot be separated… those who shoot film wants their negatives to be processed the way they want it to be. its like a curves, levels or whatever adjustment. those are the formulas or solutions of the digital darkroom.. if you separate both theres nothing wrong but.. there are some that are missed out.

horizontals is what im exploring now 

if you cant appreciate Dave Hill, Marco Grob, or whoever photographic lords then you should be taking the path of the purist.. lets not waste time rebutting about the acceptability of post processing. we have our own way. now if you like your pictures to be different.. i say different coz all pictures regardless of subject will be as normal picture as it ill be. i dare say this coz this is very basic. your camera is only equipt of just the simple algorithm of recording picture.. thats a basic argument.. thats why camera/film company develop different types of film base on chemical content and developing reaction to be able to achieve the required effect..

dont separate up old school photography (film-darkroom) and digital photography (digital-lightroom-hehehe).. they are the same. this is evolution.. same objectives.. different method.. same science- different approach.. same passion for betterment of photography..

now i dont know if i and my children in the future will agree about the future of photography once he choose it as a hobby too.. i would say “hey son before we dont stop tweaking the slider when we split toning this image”- he will say “yeah.. Dad just press the farthest button at the right .. thats ALFRED EISENSTAEDT effect.. presto”…

so guys.. take that camera and go out a lot.. remember basic should not be neglected.. the horizon should not be tilted..


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