“Whats your job?– I am a freelancer

Most of us would like to be Boss, who does not want it anyway? i tried to be my boss and i failed. i tried being bum and wait for the big break and it doesnt come at all. in my long illustrious search for the ….hmm.. light, acceptable, rebellious, politically acceptable term for Temping or maybe being out of work has come to an end. actually ive tried to use this over so many time in my desperate attemp to highlight my un employment before. and thanks to Wikipedia for shedding light to my out of the office campaign.

This doesnt suit for asians they say. Who by the way says that Asian are minority and often discriminated in the western society. from this wiki’s article it seems that Asians are more prone to think inferior that their western counterpart. hmm… interesting.

Freelance as qouted from Wikipedia

“From a cultural standpoint, freelancing is viewed as either above or below the social system. In keeping with Scott’s original coinage, some Americans and most Europeans view freelancing as a socially elevated occupation.

However, many Asian countries appear to follow Hormung by holding low regard for freelancers, often associating the practice with personal failure (an inability to find work with a major employer) and even criminality ”

Man…. in Europe its is better to be labeled as a freelancer, than here in Asia. why are we to pay a high price of being employed and be tagged as an office boy, when we can enjoy living in our own luxury and be working when we dont have monies to spend… nah. just my two cents worth here… at least now i come proudly say im just temping in as a mailman… i think it doesnt suit nicely there unless your into art world, a model maybe. like a freelance model., a freelance graphics designer, a freelance freelancer hahahaa..

bum at Bondi by texturedspaces

Whats your job then?– well im a freelancer


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  1. Same here Dave! Hello after a long long long time! Cha is getting married soon this year…she’s on my friendster u can click on her id if she’s not on ur list. She’s now in Michigan. She left in April last year. Hello to ur lovely wife. =)

    I love those 2photographs of the little girls. I think they’re one and the same girl. Did u get to find out? Take care and God bless!

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