A Fan Mail

i was playing around at the Forum PinoyCSerS … hmm workplace boredom as you may call it. Glensky was one of the Best portraiture photographer i personally knew. i like his works but i decided to give him a tease at least for a newer concepts on his shoots.. and heres the funny mail from a fan goes..

Dear Idol,

i like your style.. but i want you to breakaway from the orgy shoot. i wish to see youll be launching a series of an glamour / editorial type of shoot. y’know with props, lighting and all that jazz. youre there and definitely have found your niche. the PP is superb, lighting it should be patented to you. when i saw this type of lighting its definitely yours.

im just a fan looking forward for a newer, better, and much more different from the usual. maybe this is a two way mirror opinion. its either the poses and the shoot was meant for a group shoot and saw a lot of similar post on different forums and got fed up by it.. or i have been to similar shoots and a bit bored of whats really into it… or i just want to see a really out of the box images from my graven image.

should complement you with your amazing style. you have made the available light a much more interesting one, and that i admire you most. but would it be better if you have a series that i should say a magazine quality imagery… you know’

i have been subscribing from your photographic evolution eversince i saw your works. everything is of superb quality. vantage points, tones, lighting you name it i like everything… maybe i just want something new from you man.

breaking away is tough & bold move.

Your greatest Fan,

here are some of his works..

Glen .. my bad for pimping your works in here.. you’re the man..

he replied simply that he is considering a photo shoot soon.. lets wait and see.. if im available then ill accept his invitation to shoot together.


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