Hawker Chronicles…

Vivo City, Singapore- Im too hungry to think, but not to correct faulty hawker. I’m doing the Singapore national gathering.. the infamous hawker queue… and so i did queue to pay my drinks. there was two person ahead of me before the cashier, but the queue i’m in was not moving at all. i overheard the cashier and a small boy arguing about the discrepancy on the change..

and so they resolve it buy giving back the correct change. its my turn now to pay. i get a bottled water, and a canned green tea. the hawker cashier who committed mistake on the little boys change was being replaced by her colleague. Now shes talking fast in chinese. i cant understand it and i don’t care.. maybe shes scolding her colleague. she might not be concentrating on what shes doing because of that, and by that she has committed another mistake on charging me with an extra canned drink. i knew it from the start that she has scanned the barcoded drink twice. plus the bottled water… now she is talking fast again… looks agitated since her colleague is talking back… i hand her my money thinking that the first scanning was not recorded. by now while punching her register shes also handing me 2 plastic glass full of ice.

by the look of it i think she knows that i have two drinks ordered from them.. 2 drinks= 2 glass correct.. but my receipt reads. 2 canned drinks and 1 bottled water. i know she should have checked it twice. and by scanning it. it will appear on her register.. 3 items in total sales!!!! thats very clear.. she hand me a change for the three items and pushing the two drinks towards my tray… what a thick face cheat……. and while pushing my tray she says next…

i stop her from doing it.. and complained about it.. hmmm its so natural of her to hand me back the correct/additional change… its like shes very ready to give anytime i ask it back.. she didnt even bother to recalculate and check her records. she didnt even check my receipt against hers….

i have only ordered 2 drinks , in a very busy Friday dinner.. i am hungry then but luckily im still alert. i was recalling now if i have ever always, religiously checked my change every time.. but i dont..