Parallel Universe

Today this one give me some chill… im not sure though if she is the same girl in this picture i have.. i took this photos month apart one is in December 2006. and the other one is around March 2007… if im not mistaken..

Her eyes are stunningly jade green.. when she looks at you, you will feel something unusual… very mysterious but helplessly cute. i have with me my cheap 50mm. practicing my composition, framing, etc.. well take it as i have to do all these sort of stuffs to get used to my new toy.

im waiting for my girlfriend while she shops around Orchard malls. its near Christmas time and people are swarming Orchard Road like ants to a caramelized sugar. everybody is busy with their Christmas shopping… Sidewalk Circus everywhere.

Theres this Filipina OFW talking to this kid who’s having tantrums. maybe the kid is too tired to walk or some sorts..i talk to her nanny if i can take her picture.. the nanny said yes and i aim it to this cute kid while waving to her. shes very curious on what im doing at first then suddenly she scowls at me signaling me to stop whatever im doing to her.

this was taken December of 2006 along Orchard Road

this picture was taken at Vivo City Viewing promenade facing Sentosa. it was a wet afternoon due to a heavy rain and this kid with her mom stand in front of me to fix their bag.. by instinct i pull out my camera and aim at her. i thought i didnt capture it nicely due to hand shake brought by fear that her mother will caught me taking photos of her kid. it comes out amazingly Sharp and crisp.

This one taken around March of 2007

Are they one and the same? i have discovered this photos while im doing a monthly backup of my photo archive. deleting redundant files and converting some heavy RAW files to JPEG..

if the girl in this two photos are one.. i wonder if i could ever photograph her again… ill do my Steve McCurry journey in my Photo Hobbyist lifetime..