Vamos Rafa!…. i mean Ferrer!!!

I was doing my usual 3K run walk. That day was purely walk and leisurely watching the game between Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer.

The first set it was Nadal lording over Ferrer, who seems to hit the ball harder and placing it out of bounds. The usual me is an underdog fan, and i think among them Ferrer is the underdog. Even if i know that those games are just as hopeless as the melted ice cream, i will surely go for the underdog… it has something to do with me as a perennial  antagonist. Ferrer was hitting the bal nicely. the top spin are superb but lacking on the ball placement.

so that set goes to Nadal at 6-4.

I didnt watch it at that point,  just another battered underdog.

After shower on 2nd set, Nadal leads by 2 at 1-4. i turn of the TV.

My morning indulgence is fretting my time out inside the Toilet, with a morning paper to read. The usual 10 minute shower will span for another 10minutes more. The sports section should be on page one, well that if i will become a news publisher. I was surprise to  read that Ferrer rebound from that match..

i lurve his back hand!!

Vamos Ferrer!! hahahaha