Tiredness of Photography

Totally out of Place…

Sorry guys, i know its totally out of place here.. too tired of capturing near perfect images.. near perfect in the sense that i have imitate nature in its truest sense with the help of that Digital box…

im going back to what i love most.. painting.. im a watercolorist and tried Oil when i was about 9 years old on my fathers atelier. after that i never touch it coz it doesnt really look good compared to my water color.

I have discovered my style and somewhat excited to try it on real pigment and oil. although i know it wont be that easy but at least i have an idea how im gonna stain that cloth with that sticky pigment.

Heres what ive got. As those Renaissance Painter overlap / repaint their canvass with multiple paintings..for we dont know what reason. this Painting* was painted over an existing abstracted Picture. do some brushes as in painting it over in a real sense of that word.

Hope you like. those who like to “Hang a Dave”- pardon the pun, you can ask for hi res image from me. Absolutely free.. :kindat: Framing and Canvas sheet Printing is on you of course.


“Matilda on Lounge”

(second image breaks the column so let it be on a smaller size.)

*Painting- coz i Basically i paint it freehand. :cry2: