My Entry for UOB Painting of the Year 2007

This was entitled:


The Painting depicts the early trading period in the island of Temasek, emporium of the Srivijaya Empire, a trading route that integrates Southeast Asia to a larger trade on China’s Silk Road, connecting Asia and Europe.

The center figure was a galley slave, their sheer strength are the priceless investment of the traders. The early traders with their galley slaves traverse the archipelagic Srivijaya Empire, trading crops, handcrafts, livestock, gemstones, and gold. On the backdrop are vast oceans separating the empire. The watercraft with different colorful sails represents the different cultures of the inhabitant of the empire contributing to the diverseness of the village. As they trade goods they also traded culture, thus it deepens the fusion of different cultures on the village of Temasek. The Sun on cerulean sky symbolizes the scorching heat of the east that warms the land and heart of its people.

On the painting is a Temasek lady hugged by flowing red headscarf and green fabric symbolizes the fertile spirit of a Temasek villager that links the culturally rich Europe and the Middle East (Red Headscarf), and equally diverse Southeast Asia (Green Fabric). In her the Silk Road was outspread from Europe-India-China to Southeast Asia.

It doesn’t reach the Finals though…

Sad… Very Sad.. im Very Sad for Singapores ART scene..

or maybe i could Give this to Any Singapore Minister… hmmm or maybe the PM itself.. coz i actually paint this to suit local taste because UOB is Singapore.. i should have painted other murals like.. “Reign of Rajah Matanda”. or Maybe put a new title for this.. maybe.. “Karagador” or “Indios” anything that spells Philippines..

of course these are my Ramblings.. yeah..


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