Body ache…

Still recovering from a one day community service at Batam Indonesia. i was totally flat out last friday night and when i wake up the next day body aches are everywhere. It was our company’s Community Service initiative for this year, We volunteered for the Habitat for Humanity helping the Habitat recipient building their own home.

I almost didnt make it coz i wake up late Friday morning. I have set my alarm clock at 5:30 and it triggered yes i was awaken by the alarm but…. i try to sleep a bit more coz the morning breeze was so tempting, it was rainy early morning. and you know what happened next.

THE AMAZING RACE!! yeah. i was like f**k this train is so slow!!, there are too many train stops!! and then i was running and talking to my colleague Arthur panting, asking where is the ferry terminal.. asking every people i see where is that ferry terminal. and there was Arthur on the other line telling me to show up now or they are leaving me behind. he was about the leave the Boarding pass tickets and all at the counter and just go.

That was really nasty. adrenaline rush and all. god thing i did make it to get that trip.

Batam looks like a typical Philippine province. or maybe some city outskirts like.. Cavite, Laguna, there are some eighborhood outpost on every junction, “Tambayan sa Kanto” where men gathered the chat, and fret time, rough roads, motrocycles everywhere… and alot more parallelism.

ill be back with my post on that Batam Build Day itself hopefully with all the pictures in…

Photos courtesy of Indra

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