Today im feeding my vocabulary with new word… drum roll please…


Pronunciation: hipukrit’tugrafr

Definition: 1. [n] a person who takes photograph professionally and non- professionally, who profess that his or her images were Photoshop® free, on the justification that.. “i just move that slider further right to correct my exposure, color, etc.

2. [n] person with hypocrisy over non usage of pixel bending machine, and claiming photographic workmanship.


Pronunciation: hipukrit’tugraf’ik

Definition: 1. [adj] representing group of person with an appalling hypocrisy over abhorrence of  that pixel bending magic of Adobe ® Machines et al.

I have encountered them some many times. What you’ll hear  from them is plain justification why they have used such Pixel bending tool, and they turn to it as a last resort.  Okay that’s fine But when i look at their images.. Wow its pretty much like an Adobe Website, i thought i was redirected to the Adobe user groups gallery.

By the way all of them are RAW shooters..


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