Medium Dynamic Range?

And another word coined just for you… after having invented the word Hypocritographer. Rejoice because we have another one… its called MDR an acronym for Medium Dynamic Range image.

MDR is an acronym derived from the original acronym for superimaging ( super photo editing i may say) called HDR or High Dynamic Range aka HDRI or high Dynamic Range Imaging.  Lightroom users or anybody whose familiar with color palette can identify themselves on these things iam talking about. Like the Hue, Saturation, Luminescence. HDR is all about having the wide range of Luminisence present on a single photograph. the highs and lows of lighting, exposure and the colors have contributed to make such a wonderful photo… well dreamlike… surreal. aka FAKE.

I was a fan of this before, a simple technique can be easily available on the web if you are as slithery as the web crawlers , web bots and what not.  Try searching for the HDR technique and it will tell you to MERGE the exposures of otwo or more bracketed shots from under exposed to overexposed photo of the same frame, import it to photoshop… wishywashey.. presto HDR is ready, and so like the early years of the 70’s when hippies wear the peace… HDR Mania is born.. and like any other fad, its coming back and back once more.

so… what is MDR then??

According to latebloomer its the new fad for landscape now.. huh well why should we HDR i mean MDR the landscape… shouldn’t it that landscapes are meant to be captured in the raw? in the flesh, nude, bare nothing but the your camera and a little magic called “the way of the curves” again im not against processing pictures because i myself processes my images very heavily at times… well yeah all the time.

so… what is MDR then??

hold your horses… here it goes.

MDR is only a step lower than doing HDR and since its not HDR processing it “cant be called HDR” geddit?? its not HIGH its MEDIUM only hahahaa..

so lets get hands on…

…close your eyes and imagine that we are shooting in the great outback… the Uluru rock is so grand that it is taking your breath away… you cant even utter a word because the scene is so heavenly… relax your mind…you want to capture this scene thats so breathtaking this is the moment, lighting is perfect… colors now come into play… this is the moment you will take the picture get your camera , your 5kilo DSLR in my case its my ever loved Leica Dlux4..light but nasty  set it to RAW capture… and …

oooopsss….. sice we are discussing MDR here we need the MDR technique…

okay heres the technique the shot of you life in MDR – Medium Dynamic Range its not a fake photo coz’ its not HDR baby.. so heres what you need to do…just take anything you like in the scenery make sure you have under exposed capture and one overexposed capture. Okay dont ask.. we will do the problem solving with the macbook pro later.

*snap*  *snap* *snap* *snap* ~~~macbook pro~~~

Voila.. HDR quality but its not.. its just MDR.

congratulations for having learned the secrets of better landscapes… we wish to inform you that please dont tell anybody that we just did snap anyhow and do the MDR for our beautiful landscapes… thank you.

Remember we did it in Medium not High.. so dont call it HDRed Landscape.


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