the real Photoshop

Its been a while since i last hold a paint brush and splatter some paints into my painting palette… the last frustrated attempt to go back into painting was when i tried to modify a digital image, and overlay some brushstrokes using some Photoshop filters to simulate oil paintings..

Tiredness  of photography sets in one more time…

Like a love affair, similarly my relationship with painting, sculpture and other visual arts is just the same… one time we hit it off just nice and the next day we just part ways and explore whats around — being together again– is such good time.

…just like sex

painting can never get me tired, there is something in it comparable to caffeine .

i cant sleep when i started painting.. .my mind cannot consume all the thoughts inside it. I should put it in the canvass… and this is what separates my affection in painting from photography. Painting can easily put up something i wanted, something on my mind faster that 1/6000 camera shutter speed.

canvas sketch of "Pamilya"

outline with thin round brush

Bought a canvas from Art Friend  and few acrylic paints. This will be my 2nd try on using opaque paints as for so many years I’m a water colorist. Its quite difficult for me handling opaques, technique is different and water to pigment relationship is different from the water color technique I’m used to.

filling in colors on outline

Impasto… impasto.. i love impasto technique..

thickening of paint using pallete knife

After applying the base colors, filling in the outline, i find it a bit flat… the texture paste i bought is not good enough.. so its time for experimentation… this technique i learned from my Dad when i was a kid watching him paint in his studio at home.  Its like a paper mache’ technique- but instead of using glue i used the texture paste.

newspaper collage to create texture

news paper collage padding for a texture.. i love it. I might overlay another layer of it. I love textured paintings. Impasto texture..

still unfinished but looking goood

still undecided on how to do the face area… i really can do portraits on photography only..

.. still looking for inspiration.