BB sucks!!

Er..scrolling Dysfunction

What is the Er..scrolling Dysfunction for hand phones. Its like when you want to do something but it wont let you and its totally out of your control and you really cant do anything about it. Its very frustrating… The phone is no more than 1.5  years, its an old phone at that age specially if you have been receiving emails/sms to upgrade you handset and avail of the new phone model… and maybe by at this phone age it will really start to show signs of ageing like the Smartphone Scrolling Dysfunction…

keep to the left!!


i can only manage to scroll vertically… no left no right but up and down scrolls only…. and that means i am limited to scroll along what is on the leftmost part of my home screen.

So thats the SMS and MMS icon below it is the Messages all my in boxes collated there below that is the Hotmail Inbox and lastly at the bottom is the Downloads folder containing all Apps that is downloaded online… but the bad part again is that after you went in to the sub folder, still it can only scroll up and down to the leftmost part of the screen, i thought if i have kept all the apps in one folder i can easily access it…well not all actually because i can only access again the leftmost part of it and that is the UberSocial fka Ubertwitter.

the hodgepodge folder

"man cant live with just twit alone"

It wasn’t the original configuration of my home screen i designed it in such a way that all of these are at the leftmost part of the screen… painstakingly.. a trial and error thing like playing a flat Rubik’s cube, adding a folder and moving icon to folders or hiding them away. See those folder icons those are empty folders icons i made to become placeholders just so i can make all those  apps/ icons be pushed to the left most part of the screen, and made it accessible vide scroll.

its so frustrating that you feel like throwing the phone off the wall… or maybe throw the phone in the floor in a public place and pick someone randomly and scream ” see what you have made me do!!!” walk slowly while talking to yourself…

oh im totally nuts now, no BBM, no facebook actually to tell you frankly you can only do so much with the Blackberry…if you know what i mean..