Art Smart

Dry on Dry

this was my first try on a dry on dry technique. hmm.. quite difficult to achieved the correct colors and intensity. maybe due to the watercolor brand… or plainly its just that im new to this technique..

this was my painting entry for the Metrobank Young Painters Annual in the Philippines.

The Paper is a 300gsm Strathmore paper hot pressed. i stretch it on a 30″X 40″ timber board. the trick is before you wet the paper. staple all sides and make sure it is sucurely attached to the board before pouring clean water onto it. you can put a tint of color to the water if you want the paper to be a bit yellowish or reddish… bluish so on.. but in this case i don’t use tinting, so my negativity is white paper. put a paper tape on all edges by then you should set margins all around the edged for framing purposes and you framing composition too. i let it dry fro about a day or two it depends on the weather actually.

my favorite paint is a watercolor by Prangs. and the Payton gray color bought separately and it should be there. the colors are used either purely on paper and then blended with water or other colors to achieved this dry brush technique.


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