Pinoy Architects- Brain Drain

The Whole of Asia and Australia except China were colonized by western superpowers and the inhabitants were at awe with the Godly talents of these conquerors. Politics and business played a big part in the landscape and architecture of each nation and the architect is a big player.

One big example is China. China is coming out now and it has develop a vast land mass into mushrooming urban jungle in a blink of an eye. Take note that China govt hire foreign, most specifically western architects, or in that case were western educated. The reason behind are: Investors, who put investments in such infrastructure. Is it western companies? Each company wants to attract investments by the brand name method. If the CCTV china is designed by a certain Lau PangSai and not Rem Koolhaas, will it have the same status right now? Will it be talked about in the far side of the world?

In the Philippines a lot of what we call national landmarks are designed by foreign architects. Name it. PSE in Makati, oakwood apt s., Roxas triangle. all by S.O.M, i cannot mention the rest which are foreign made. Why cant Ayala’ award these projects to a local architect from concept to realization? Is it because locally made goods doesn’t have an international appeal to his investors?? i think so! Do you think foreign diplomats will live in a building designed by Agapito Aglipay?? we lack the brand name. Thats why in our language there exist the word Brand name Specification. isn’t it??

In Asia especially in Singapore and Hong Kong has a lot of local architectural firms and the Filipino population for architectural pool here is teeming with young and creative talents, as well as the middle east counterparts has a lot of Filipino minds. Why do we go out? Is it for money? Is it for exposure? But all these reasons are achievable in 5-10 years time. Then why do we migrate after those times?

Iconic architecture race is on in Asia and the poor Philippines is very much left out. China got its own rooster of structures come 2008 beijing olympics. HK its dreamland is on. Malaysia the mighty twins Singapore will have its flyer at 2008 and the MGM backed Casino resorts. How i wish when a certain Ferdinand Marcos will rise to power again. Didn’t you know that at certain point during his regime the Philippine art has reaches its highest peak? When a Filipino architect is exposed worldwide by iconic structures built in the urban manila. Wherein our Asian neighbors drool at our status. The residue still remains and it is evident in the blood of younger artist today.

May the Govt protect us. Protect our dwindling industry . And may Gods unending supply of grace and creativity never cease in my Pinoy blood.


12 thoughts on “Pinoy Architects- Brain Drain

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