Wash water color Painting

Ive explored yet another style on watercoloring. I’ve seen many watercolorist who can paint a wash style and they are really good on using the negative positive style. my wash paint style is not at par on those paintings you can find somewhere else. Wash rendering is using the full characteristic of water and the water the carries the color. the working area is very wet and the painter lets the color seeps through the canvas and let the color bleed. althought after bleeding the colors the painter will finish up some details and fine tune the shapes he really wanted in the painting to appear. using water based colors in wash rendering is very tricky because it of the water flow and the quick absorption of colors to the paper. heres my trash test.. 🙂 “Kargador version 01” The painting depicts a galley slave or a porter. this is actually a study pice for my bigger canvas . a painting entry for UOB painter of the year.. alas i didnt even make it as a finalist..

see it here


3 thoughts on “Wash water color Painting

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